Tips to choosing office wear

You know how you would wear when you go to the university, a party, to..

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Tips to choosing office wear

You know how you would wear when you go to the university, a party, to an interview, a casual meeting or a day trip. Even if you are a person who lacks much of a dressing sense you can still get to know a lot of tips and tricks to wearing thanks to google, Pinterest, Facebook and any other social media platform that give you trends and ways to dressing up. There can be places where you really want to dress up a bit you quite doubt whether the gathering would get along with the same vibe and you don’t want to end up dressing up for something that everyone else is going to dress down.


This could probably be the same when you think of what to wear to office if your workplace doesn’t have a specific work uniform. Certain banks and companies do offer a uniform to make sure everyone looks the same as a good representative of their brand image but certain companies that appreciate the individuality of people and love to give their freedom to choose what to wear will stick with no uniform rule. However the case is each office will have a specific dress code rules guide to make people maintain that formality within the corporate practice. Here you go with two main tips to follow through when choosing what to wear to office.




The work uniform must always be a good reflection of you, your workplace image and your professional image. There can be quite trendy pencil skirts, sleek crop blouses and slit up blazers that can look trendy but always it’s in your hands to keep a good balance between style and formality of what you wear. You will be an employee, a member of the company image and you don’t want to represent your company with ripped jeans, hole cut out pants or washed out clothes.




You will be working an 8 hour shift or could even be a 4 hour shift depending on the country and nature of work you do but always think of how comfortable you are in those clothes. You have to stay comfortable enough to be able to freely concentrate on your work and if you are all glammed up but doesn’t feel confident enough walking down the stairs with your 4 inch heel all day long, then at all costs, avoid wearing them.


Workplace is where most people spend 75% of their week at and you may want to dress up a bit and look stylish and it’s completely fine to go along with how you feel but at the end of the workplace is where you work, at the professional level. Thus, you shall maintain a good working image through your clothes.