Things to consider when buying Clothes

When you are planning to buy a smartphone, what are the features that you look..

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Things to consider when buying Clothes

When you are planning to buy a smartphone, what are the features that you look out for apart to the price of it? You will think of the design, the features it has, the user friendliness, the brand reliability, the warranty period, the customer reviews and recommendations and what not. But when it comes to purchasing clothes, the factors you consider will be completely different. You all know that electrical items and any expensive product in general require a much longer time and effort in making the purchase decision but the time you spend in choosing on something to wear, will be much lesser.


We all have differently unique personalities and we prefer wearing things that reflect on our image. If you think of a person who is generally very simple in his or her life, you can mostly picture them in clothes that suit their personality. Some people prefer to dress down, dress up and some will go quite neutral within all situations. Here you go with 4 main things to think through before buying clothes for you so that your purchase will be completely worth it.




There are colours that complement your skin quite well and also shades that will make you look quite undertone. Always put on few shades and see how they look on your skin whether it makes you look brighter or not. If you are generally a person with dark complexion, light shades might not suit you as much but if you are mid-tan, then you will be able to pull of yellows, oranges and reds while a much fairer complexioned person can get through with many colours.




See the material of the outfit you are trying to buy, when you wear that if you don’t feel like it’s your type then immediately keep it aside. If you don’t feel yourself confident enough to wear it then don’t buy it at all. Whatever clothes you wear it’s always a must to be confident in them otherwise no cloth can bring out the best version of you.




Think of where you are going to wear this. If it’s a night out function, to office, to the gym, to a casual picnic or whatever the place is, make sure it suits the situation and you feel comfortable in it. There can be very nice dresses that you feel completely in love with but if the people who will be gathering in the place, dress down a bit then make sure you don’t overdo yourself.


These are some of the main things to think through before buying any kind of clothes that come off the trend. There can be florals, tribal, animal printed clothes trending in but make sure they suit you, your personality and the place.