Glam up your outfit

You might be wondering how beautiful and elegant the celebrities look on an every basis..

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Glam up your outfit

You might be wondering how beautiful and elegant the celebrities look on an every basis and think to yourself that it’s probably because they have a great glam squad doing the outfits for them but in real what if I tell you, you also can glam up your everyday style with a little bit of creativity in your head? You will tell me that it takes a lot of money to keep yourself on the trend and buy all those fresh cloth pieces but sometimes there are simple changes you could do yourself to make your outfits look like straight off a designer wear store.


Do you recall yourself throwing away those plain jean jackets that you once wore to high school or university? You shall play around with it next time to turn it into a great night out throw in. The jean jackets will never go out of style so what you could do is buy few silver stones and metal pieces to stick up on the sleeve to give it more glammed up look. When you go out partying or for an night out function, you could always throw on this kind of piece to cover yourself up but still look stylish enough to pull off the night. Here are some easy ways to glam yourself up in no time.


Sparkly shoes


You will never go out of trend by wearing some good sparkly high heels. I have always noticed my self wearing a nice dress with flat shoes would make the whole outfit look quite low but the moment I wear a good pair of heels, the whole outfit gets quite elegant. Therefore, sparkly high heels or bright coloured heels or bronze/gold mixed lace up shoes could bring in the magic to your full outlook.


Metallic material


The copper, bronze and gold metallic fabrics are quite in style now. If you wear a small metallic looking top with a plain coloured bottom, pencil skirt or even a mini skirt you could still get a nice red carpet look for any occasion. The fashion now a days look quite expensive but if you can mix in your new ideas in to the outfits you choose, they can look a lot better.


Heavy Jewellery


By heavy jewellery I refer to using one major piece off your neck or ears to give a really rich look. Less is more and instead of wearing big earring with a really heavy necklace can look Gordy in my opinion therefore you can always which part to do more. If it’s a big pair of earrings, then avoid a heavy necklace at any cost.


These are some of the easy and simple ways you can do up your style without having to spend on new outfits every single day. It may seem difficult to keep up but you can definitely mix in few ideas to glam it up.