Do clothes define ‘you’?

We take one look at a person and think to ourselves certain traits about the..

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Do clothes define ‘you’?

We take one look at a person and think to ourselves certain traits about the person; although we try so hard to make people understand that we should not be judging people based on their looks, outfits or with what they own, as humans we tend to go along with a picture, an impression on our mind. You see a person with quite a number of piercings and tattoos, what will you think of that person? There’s high tendency that people will think like they are quite the rocking, arty or even a gangster type person.  This is simply because people have seen those different designs in their head that belonged to a certain group of people and the categorization in their heads is difficult to be taken out.


In psychological theories, it has been proven that people prefer to wear what their minds choose and their minds work according to the roots each of them holds. Although we don’t want to accept that it’s a good thing to judge people based on clothes but it’s also a fact that people can be quite judged on their personality with their outer reflection too. Different psychological experts have stated the following facts about people and clothes.




If you are a person who loves wearing a lot of different colours, vibrant shades; then there’s high possibility that your personality is quite vivid and interesting. You love change and enjoying every moment of it. Fun is definitely a big part of your life and you are generally known to be people who will make others smile. If you have a closet filled with darker shades and greys, browns; there is a high chance that you are quite a calm person. This doesn’t mean your life is necessarily gloomy but it can be less dynamic than that of a colourful person.




Think of a girl’s outfit, the tighter it gets there is a chance to say that person loves showing her figure than a person who would go for much looser clothes. It doesn’t always mean that people who wear tighter clothes want to look sexually attractive to people because it could also be that they are confident enough in their own skin to shape it out. The psychology says, the more glammed up the outfit is and tighter, sleek, revealing it gets, shows that person loves getting the attraction of people more than others.


These two facts might have never come up to your head this way but now if you think through a bit on your friends and their styles, it can be quite relatable- clothes can define you.