Choosing the Right Accessories

Have you seen people wearing printed tops with printed bottoms and large boho earrings with..

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Choosing the Right Accessories

Have you seen people wearing printed tops with printed bottoms and large boho earrings with leather glittery handbags? I certainly have and I always bless those people to get a better fashion sense in choosing something that coordinates a bit better the next time they wear. Some people find is so difficult to know what suits them and which top will go along with which jean.  The good thing about internet is that although people do not naturally have proper outfit ideas, they help people choose what suits and how to match well. The tricky thing about this is that although certain products you see online look good off the model, it could not look the same on you and you will not know how that works until the piece of jewellery arrives at your hand.


This read will help you pick out the right kind of jewellery that would suit you for each specific occasion. These accessories could range from shoes, bags, belts, rings, earring, and sunglasses but it’s up to you to decide which outfit would need the particular item. Sometimes, if you become a bit creative with yourself, you can play around with the same clothes with few different jewellery pieces and still give it a new look on yourself. See the following tips to choosing how you can use jewellery the right way.


Casual but chic


There are so many tight pencil cut jeans, skirts and pants that you can wear with casual three quarter sleeve or plain coloured tops but this can immediately be given a stylish chic look by adding a big necklace piece, a choker, a good stoned once piece earring. Without simply wearing a casual mini dress, you can make it look a bit trendy by adding in a long ring chain and give it a more a bronze or rose gold effect.


Simple and elegant


There are so many plain coloured tight fitting, fishtailed and slit up dresses that look quite simple but if you look at a single black dress, you can make it look quite elegant with a big gold necklace or earrings or make it look quite to sexy end by adding a gold or black choker in. if you are going to wear the same to a friend’s party, which is a more casual meet up, then a simple denim jacket over throw can make it look pretty and casual at the same time.


These are some of the ways you can use the right accessories to dress up or dress down yourself according to the event. For all those who want to look stylish but not overdo- the right jewellery is the magic!