Glam up your outfit

You might be wondering how beautiful and elegant the celebrities look on an every basis..

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Glam up your outfit

You might be wondering how beautiful and elegant the celebrities look on an every basis and think to yourself that it’s probably because they have a great glam squad doing the outfits for them but in real what if I tell you, you also can glam up your everyday style with a little bit of creativity in your head? You will tell me that it takes a lot of money to keep yourself on the trend and buy all those fresh cloth pieces but sometimes there are simple changes you could do yourself to make your outfits look like straight off a designer wear store.


Do you recall yourself throwing away those plain jean jackets that you once wore to high school or university? You shall play around with it next time to turn it into a great night out throw in. The jean jackets will never go out of style so what you could do is buy few silver stones and metal pieces to stick up on the sleeve to give it more glammed up look. When you go out partying or for an night out function, you could always throw on this kind of piece to cover yourself up but still look stylish enough to pull off the night. Here are some easy ways to glam yourself up in no time.


Sparkly shoes


You will never go out of trend by wearing some good sparkly high heels. I have always noticed my self wearing a nice dress with flat shoes would make the whole outfit look quite low but the moment I wear a good pair of heels, the whole outfit gets quite elegant. Therefore, sparkly high heels or bright coloured heels or bronze/gold mixed lace up shoes could bring in the magic to your full outlook.


Metallic material


The copper, bronze and gold metallic fabrics are quite in style now. If you wear a small metallic looking top with a plain coloured bottom, pencil skirt or even a mini skirt you could still get a nice red carpet look for any occasion. The fashion now a days look quite expensive but if you can mix in your new ideas in to the outfits you choose, they can look a lot better.


Heavy Jewellery


By heavy jewellery I refer to using one major piece off your neck or ears to give a really rich look. Less is more and instead of wearing big earring with a really heavy necklace can look Gordy in my opinion therefore you can always which part to do more. If it’s a big pair of earrings, then avoid a heavy necklace at any cost.


These are some of the easy and simple ways you can do up your style without having to spend on new outfits every single day. It may seem difficult to keep up but you can definitely mix in few ideas to glam it up.

Choosing the Right Accessories

Have you seen people wearing printed tops with printed bottoms and large boho earrings with..

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Choosing the Right Accessories

Have you seen people wearing printed tops with printed bottoms and large boho earrings with leather glittery handbags? I certainly have and I always bless those people to get a better fashion sense in choosing something that coordinates a bit better the next time they wear. Some people find is so difficult to know what suits them and which top will go along with which jean.  The good thing about internet is that although people do not naturally have proper outfit ideas, they help people choose what suits and how to match well. The tricky thing about this is that although certain products you see online look good off the model, it could not look the same on you and you will not know how that works until the piece of jewellery arrives at your hand.


This read will help you pick out the right kind of jewellery that would suit you for each specific occasion. These accessories could range from shoes, bags, belts, rings, earring, and sunglasses but it’s up to you to decide which outfit would need the particular item. Sometimes, if you become a bit creative with yourself, you can play around with the same clothes with few different jewellery pieces and still give it a new look on yourself. See the following tips to choosing how you can use jewellery the right way.


Casual but chic


There are so many tight pencil cut jeans, skirts and pants that you can wear with casual three quarter sleeve or plain coloured tops but this can immediately be given a stylish chic look by adding a big necklace piece, a choker, a good stoned once piece earring. Without simply wearing a casual mini dress, you can make it look a bit trendy by adding in a long ring chain and give it a more a bronze or rose gold effect.


Simple and elegant


There are so many plain coloured tight fitting, fishtailed and slit up dresses that look quite simple but if you look at a single black dress, you can make it look quite elegant with a big gold necklace or earrings or make it look quite to sexy end by adding a gold or black choker in. if you are going to wear the same to a friend’s party, which is a more casual meet up, then a simple denim jacket over throw can make it look pretty and casual at the same time.


These are some of the ways you can use the right accessories to dress up or dress down yourself according to the event. For all those who want to look stylish but not overdo- the right jewellery is the magic!

Tips to choosing office wear

You know how you would wear when you go to the university, a party, to..

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Tips to choosing office wear

You know how you would wear when you go to the university, a party, to an interview, a casual meeting or a day trip. Even if you are a person who lacks much of a dressing sense you can still get to know a lot of tips and tricks to wearing thanks to google, Pinterest, Facebook and any other social media platform that give you trends and ways to dressing up. There can be places where you really want to dress up a bit you quite doubt whether the gathering would get along with the same vibe and you don’t want to end up dressing up for something that everyone else is going to dress down.


This could probably be the same when you think of what to wear to office if your workplace doesn’t have a specific work uniform. Certain banks and companies do offer a uniform to make sure everyone looks the same as a good representative of their brand image but certain companies that appreciate the individuality of people and love to give their freedom to choose what to wear will stick with no uniform rule. However the case is each office will have a specific dress code rules guide to make people maintain that formality within the corporate practice. Here you go with two main tips to follow through when choosing what to wear to office.




The work uniform must always be a good reflection of you, your workplace image and your professional image. There can be quite trendy pencil skirts, sleek crop blouses and slit up blazers that can look trendy but always it’s in your hands to keep a good balance between style and formality of what you wear. You will be an employee, a member of the company image and you don’t want to represent your company with ripped jeans, hole cut out pants or washed out clothes.




You will be working an 8 hour shift or could even be a 4 hour shift depending on the country and nature of work you do but always think of how comfortable you are in those clothes. You have to stay comfortable enough to be able to freely concentrate on your work and if you are all glammed up but doesn’t feel confident enough walking down the stairs with your 4 inch heel all day long, then at all costs, avoid wearing them.


Workplace is where most people spend 75% of their week at and you may want to dress up a bit and look stylish and it’s completely fine to go along with how you feel but at the end of the workplace is where you work, at the professional level. Thus, you shall maintain a good working image through your clothes.

Do clothes define ‘you’?

We take one look at a person and think to ourselves certain traits about the..

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Do clothes define ‘you’?

We take one look at a person and think to ourselves certain traits about the person; although we try so hard to make people understand that we should not be judging people based on their looks, outfits or with what they own, as humans we tend to go along with a picture, an impression on our mind. You see a person with quite a number of piercings and tattoos, what will you think of that person? There’s high tendency that people will think like they are quite the rocking, arty or even a gangster type person.  This is simply because people have seen those different designs in their head that belonged to a certain group of people and the categorization in their heads is difficult to be taken out.


In psychological theories, it has been proven that people prefer to wear what their minds choose and their minds work according to the roots each of them holds. Although we don’t want to accept that it’s a good thing to judge people based on clothes but it’s also a fact that people can be quite judged on their personality with their outer reflection too. Different psychological experts have stated the following facts about people and clothes.




If you are a person who loves wearing a lot of different colours, vibrant shades; then there’s high possibility that your personality is quite vivid and interesting. You love change and enjoying every moment of it. Fun is definitely a big part of your life and you are generally known to be people who will make others smile. If you have a closet filled with darker shades and greys, browns; there is a high chance that you are quite a calm person. This doesn’t mean your life is necessarily gloomy but it can be less dynamic than that of a colourful person.




Think of a girl’s outfit, the tighter it gets there is a chance to say that person loves showing her figure than a person who would go for much looser clothes. It doesn’t always mean that people who wear tighter clothes want to look sexually attractive to people because it could also be that they are confident enough in their own skin to shape it out. The psychology says, the more glammed up the outfit is and tighter, sleek, revealing it gets, shows that person loves getting the attraction of people more than others.


These two facts might have never come up to your head this way but now if you think through a bit on your friends and their styles, it can be quite relatable- clothes can define you.

Things to consider when buying Clothes

When you are planning to buy a smartphone, what are the features that you look..

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Things to consider when buying Clothes

When you are planning to buy a smartphone, what are the features that you look out for apart to the price of it? You will think of the design, the features it has, the user friendliness, the brand reliability, the warranty period, the customer reviews and recommendations and what not. But when it comes to purchasing clothes, the factors you consider will be completely different. You all know that electrical items and any expensive product in general require a much longer time and effort in making the purchase decision but the time you spend in choosing on something to wear, will be much lesser.


We all have differently unique personalities and we prefer wearing things that reflect on our image. If you think of a person who is generally very simple in his or her life, you can mostly picture them in clothes that suit their personality. Some people prefer to dress down, dress up and some will go quite neutral within all situations. Here you go with 4 main things to think through before buying clothes for you so that your purchase will be completely worth it.




There are colours that complement your skin quite well and also shades that will make you look quite undertone. Always put on few shades and see how they look on your skin whether it makes you look brighter or not. If you are generally a person with dark complexion, light shades might not suit you as much but if you are mid-tan, then you will be able to pull of yellows, oranges and reds while a much fairer complexioned person can get through with many colours.




See the material of the outfit you are trying to buy, when you wear that if you don’t feel like it’s your type then immediately keep it aside. If you don’t feel yourself confident enough to wear it then don’t buy it at all. Whatever clothes you wear it’s always a must to be confident in them otherwise no cloth can bring out the best version of you.




Think of where you are going to wear this. If it’s a night out function, to office, to the gym, to a casual picnic or whatever the place is, make sure it suits the situation and you feel comfortable in it. There can be very nice dresses that you feel completely in love with but if the people who will be gathering in the place, dress down a bit then make sure you don’t overdo yourself.


These are some of the main things to think through before buying any kind of clothes that come off the trend. There can be florals, tribal, animal printed clothes trending in but make sure they suit you, your personality and the place.